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Growing up in a household that wasn't nurturing takes its toll. Imprinting messages on you and it affects your relationships, career and health.  Things aren't necessarily terribly wrong, but things aren't exactly right.  You know you can related to others differently, but you don't know how. You may see it in conflict, anxiety, depression and other illnesses.

Utilizing concepts founded by Pia Mellody in Facing Codependence and The Intimacy Factor, relational trauma counseling assists you in addressing the trauma and neglect in your life history by offering a supportive environment and relationship.  You learn to recongize it's impact on you and offer strategies to release the pain. You reconnect with yourself and others in a new way.


Counseling guides you through core issues that affect how you interact with the world. Understanding the impact of key attachments in your life allows you to value yourself, maintain proper emotional and physical boundaries, understand your authentic self and remind you appropriate moderation and balance.  All this leads to healing, contentment and hope for your life.

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling


Carol Lawrence has completed "Healing Our Core Issues" training based on the work of Pia Mellody.  Relational Trauma Counseling includes individual or couples counseling.  Group workshops are also available throughout the year.  Contact our office to schedule your consultation beginning your journey.

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