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Carol Lawrence, M.A. M.Ed.,LPC

M.Ed. in Adult & Continuing Education

M.A in Counseling

LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Founder & President, Carol A Lawrence & Associates, LLC

Carol Lawrence is a Licensed Professional Counselor with passion for treating relational trauma. She specializes in working with adoptive/foster families and adult adoptees.


She has completed advanced training in Relational Trauma based on the work of Pia Mellody including managing the trauma from childhood and other events in people's lives.  She has also completed her certificate in Therapy with Foster and Adoptive Families from Portland State University. This prepares her to work with families addressing sexual, physical, emotional abuse, FASD, Reunification issues, birth family relationships, emotional regulation, disruptive behavior and identity issues.


Clients seek healing through individual counseling that focuses on understanding early attachment relationships and their impact. Adoption and Foster Care therapy includes trauma, grief, attachment and identity topics.

Carol Lawrence

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