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Attatchment/Early Trauma/Grief/Identity Development/Deregulation/Emotional and Behavioral Regulation

Parenting the adopted or fostered child requires a parent learn so many different skills and topics to understand and lead their children.  Children's lives move along the road of cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.  Attachment is the car that the parent is driving providing safety and security to move forward.  Children experience the challenges of dysregulation as the potholes that need to be addressed so they can keep moving and growing.  


Adopted and foster children experience the trauma associated with leaving their birth parents.  They grieve this first family and need to understand their own life story as a part of healing.  Counseling helps support parents with attachment and regulation issues, and children with trauma, grief and identity issues.


Trauma Counseling

Grief Counseling

Emotional Regulation

Identity Development

Counseling for the Adoptive and Foster Family includes sessions with parents and children, and children alone. Carol Lawrence has completed advanced training in Therapy for Foster and Adoptive Families through Portland State University.  

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